Shade Packs

 To place an order you must e-mail Billy Vivona at Payments can be made via Paypal, check, or money order.

The NERBs Shade packs have been put together to give the builder several threads which fade from light to dark. Color preserver must be used as these are embroidery threads which contain silicone. There are 1100 yards per spool and it is size A.

$5 – Empty Wood spools (20) – allows you to transfer thread from the large spools to these smaller spools so you can wrap in bands of the same color (you should order one pack of spools per shade pack)

1Red  3Burgundy

2 Brick 4Terra

5Orange 6Super Orange 7orange red

8Green 9 Green Super 10 Camo 11 Golden Olive 12 Golden Olive SUper 13 wintergreen 14 Turquoise 15 Aqua 16 Sapphire 17 Royal 18 Navy 19 Navy-Royal 20 Blue Steel 21 Cobalt 22 Grape 23 Violet 24 Purple

25 Pink 26 Magenta

26A Pink MAgenta 27 purple agenta27A pink magenta purpls

28 chestnut 29 chestnut

30 Chocolate 31 brown 32 brown chocolate

33 bronze 34 bronze super

35 cork 36 cork super

37 charcoal 38 charcoal2

39 grey 40 grey

41 smoke 42 smoke


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