A detailed analysis on each of the XC 8′ models can be seen here: Billy Vivona XC blank comparison
Pics of fish caught on the XC’s can be seen here: Rodgeeks XC FB Page

XC 731 – rated 1-5oz, but it will handle 6oz, and I’ve used it dragging bait fluking with 8oz and it was OK. It makes an excellent blackfish jigging rod, the tip action is softer than other jigging rods which is excellent for days  when the fish are biting light. Several Striped Bass have been landed over 40#’s with this, as well as permit over 20# in Florida.

XC 732 – the most popular blank in the line up. This is the best all around rod for Inshore fishing the east coast. While consider it a light Blackfish rod handling 8oz sinkers, the tip is nice and sensitive while having all the power you need for any fish you will catch. A friend caught tarpon 120#’s in Trinidad with his 2 built spinning.
XC 733 is 17-30#, and is a step up from the 732. Rated to 10oz, it will be OK with 12oz as well. This rod has been used extensively on the Ocean Eagle, the captain and mates and several customers have used this last season for fish up to 16#. The Captain likes it so much, he uses it for porgy when the current is strong and you need 6 & 8oz. If I had to pick the perfect Blackfish rod in the line up, this would be it.
XC 734 20-40# rated up to 12oz. This rod has no shortage of power, and will handle all Blackfish we’re going to catch. Nice bend, not fast or stiff, and for a composite rod extremely light (blank weight is 5.4oz) Most guys moving away from the old school Blackfish rods which were broomsticks really like this, because they get the power that they are used to, with half the weight.
XC 735 is rated 25-50# and up to 16oz. This rod has the most moderate bend of the line up. It’s good for deep water, and big fish. Most of the fishermen using the 5 are fishing Delaware/Maryland and want a rod they an lean on fish an drag him off structure, or at Montauk and Orient where they sometimes have to use heavy sinkers

The Rodgeeks X-Comp series of inshore SW blanks have been designed by Jason Brunner from St Croix to the specifications of Billy Vivona. It took over a year and 6 modifications to dial in on these blanks. They’ve been designed with unique features to accommodate builders and fishermen looking to get the right blank/rod for their specific fishing application.

– Constructed with 70% carbon & 30% S-Glass. Both materials run the entire length of the blank
– Blanks are designed 7’3 which allow you to cut the tip to increase sinker weight if needed, and still end up with a 7′ rod. 7’3 is also a perfect length for someone who fishes on both a private/charter and party boat.
– Listed Specs take into consideration the sinker weight range AND the casting weight ranges – this eliminates guesswork when selecting which blank to use.
– As the blanks go up in power, the action of the blank becomes slightly more moderate.
– The specific Composite construction of the X Comps allows each blank to handle a very wide range of sinker/lure weights. The tip loads very easily at the bottom of the casting range, while efficiently handling the top end of the sinker range.