Some of the Rodgeeks colors can be seen here:

The Rodgeeks X-Comp series of inshore SW blanks have been designed by Jason Brunner from St Croix to the specifications of Billy Vivona. It took over a year and 6 modifications to dial in on these blanks. They’ve been designed with unique features to accommodate builders and fishermen looking to get the right blank/rod for their specific fishing application.

– Constructed with 70% carbon & 30% S-Glass. Both materials run the entire length of the blank
– Blanks are designed 7’3 which allow you to cut the tip to increase sinker weight if needed, and still end up with a 7′ rod. 7’3 is also a perfect length for someone who fishes on both a private/charter and party boat.
– Listed Specs take into consideration the sinker weight range AND the casting weight ranges – this eliminates guesswork when selecting which blank to use.
– As the blanks go up in power, the action of the blank becomes slightly more moderate.
– The specific Composite construction of the X Comps allows each blank to handle a very wide range of sinker/lure weights. The tip loads very easily at the bottom of the casting range, while efficiently handling the top end of the sinker range.

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