Epoxy & Color Preserver

To place an order for the following products you must e-mail Billy Vivona at xlrods@yahoo.com Payments can be made via Paypal, check, or money order.


Chroma Seal Color Preserver – excellent color retention, very easy to use. You must use 2 coats for best results. Colors will slightly darken when using ANY Color Preserver – but based on my testing using Nylon, NCP, and Madeira threads, I feel ChromaSeal is the best CP on the market.

1oz – $4
2oz – $7
4oz – $12

ChromaSeal CP 1, 2, 4oz bottle
ChromaSeal CP 1, 2, 4oz bottle
Teh Billy V Epoxy mix – This is something which Billy Vivona has been doing for several years when he first tested Threadmaster before it hit the market. He has built hundreds of rods using this mix, and have spread the word at NERBs Gatherings for years, and there are many builders who have been converted after trying it for themselves. You must mix 1CC of TM A & B, and 1CC PK A & B (4 CC’s total) in the same mix cup.What you can expect – Not as soft as Pro Kote, not as hard as Threadmaster. Bubble release is better than straight TM, but not as good as straight PK. Pot life is about 30 minutes, which is longer than TM, but not as long as PK. Sets up in about 4 hours (depending on temp), longer than TM, not nearly as long as PK.Each kit contains Threadmaster Resin & Hardener, and Pro Kote Resin and Hardener, syringe and self sealing  bottle tops 
8 oz Kit   $36
16 oz Kit   $51
ThreadMaster – used for guide wraps, excels in coating underwraps and Decorative WrapsPros > finishes hard and is extremely durable which makes it excellent for rods which are fished hard, Dec Wraps, and as a base coat on an underwarp before doing the overwrap. #2 in remaining clear when eposed to sunlight.Cons > relatively short pot life, and in the winter months & colder temps if mixed vigorously micro bubbles are difficult to remove.
4oz – $16
8oz – $25
Pro Kote has the most flexibility of any finish on the market, Pro Kote gets the edge in not yellowing after exposure to sunlight.Pros > extremly flexible, super long pot life, the #1 finish in releasing bubbles after mixing
Cons > takes a very long time to set up once applied, will scratch/scuff if the rod is banged around on the boat, cannot be used as a coating on underwraps because the thread digs in and is difficult to pack tight.
4 oz  – $18
8 oz  – $26

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