Billy Blocks

To place an order you must e-mail Billy Vivona at Payments can be made via Paypal, check, or money order. Everything is shipped USPS by weight from zip 10306


Due to stock levels, max quantity per order on black is 4

$4  NERBs EVA Applicator a 1 1/2″ wide triangular piece of EVA which allows to apply an even coat of glue quickly.
$2  SANDING KIT 1″  The 1″ kit is good for shorter grips and contouring/shaping. resin impregnated cloth backed 6″; 4 grits.
$6 SANDING KIT 3″ – Klingsporr Gold 3″ wide strips is the best paper for turning grips perfectly round and flat with no bumps – quickly. 4 grits
All 3 of these products = $10 (20% off)

*Please note that air pockets are common in EVA blocks. Unfortunately, it’s just how it is and we all have to deal with them. I do my best to pick out blocks with no visible holes on the surface, but that doesn’t  mean there aren’t  any below the surface. If you find one when you are turning a grip, well join the crew. You have to put a plug in the hole, e-mail Billy at for instructions on how to do this.

*Also note that not every block is exactly the same color & density as prior orders. Each shipment varies, and unfortunately sometimes the blocks vary in the same shipment. If you are making a grip, please try to use the same block for the entire grip (this applies to black as well)



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