Dec Grips X-Wing and Ellipticals

These are “half ellitpicals”. Both styles will have an “X” pattern on one axis, and an “O” pattern on the other axis. The X-Wing will have 2 patterns in the grip ($75), the Tic Tac Toe has 3 ($100)


1X Wings Lucien 2Al Ciner Ellips 3X Wing neon green2

13Tic tac toes terje 14xwing red black 15x-wings doug K

19Xwings Andrew M 20XWings Joe

10Tic Tac Toe Drew     11X Wings Vinnie D    12X Wings Albert

16Tic tac toes grey orange         17X Wing Glenn R1     18X Wing neon green

4ellipts article 5ellitps article2 6eliptical Jamie L

7ellipts albert 8ellipts albert2 9ellipts albert3

22Ellipts James D Molecole 23Ellipts Bruce 24ellipts Gators complete

21Xwing Dave B completeda22Xwing Dave B completed  23XWings Vinnie


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