Dec Grips Random Abstract

Random Abstract Grips can be made in any colors. These are my most popular Geometric grip inlay, and look great on any style of rod.
Price $30 + $3 per inch

1Random Abstract DAn CanadaIMG_1638

RAndom red grey 2Random Abstract Bob Rasta 3Random black NEon Green

4Random black neon green orange 5Random black neon green orange2 6Randoms DAn M

7RAndom for Ed V1 8RAndom for Ed V2

9RAndom for Jeff H1 10RAndom for Jeff H2

11Random Bob G 12RAndom for Jeff H set 13Random Rob C2

14Randoms Matt D 15abstracts 7-26 completed 16abstract DanielP

17abstracts JEff Story 18Abstracts turned 19abstract drewC

20abstracts green 21abstracts Daniel Parrish 22abstracts Steve Z

23Random Abstract WEs 24Abstract - red white black Ben reed 25abstract BLue yell

26abstract Bryan 27abstract MRB Raffle winner Scott Throop 28Randoms James1

29RAndoms JAmes D

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