Dec Grips Fish Scales

These grips look like Fish Scales. This pattern is very unique and wraps around the blank as you view it from all sides. These grips are a perfect compliment to & look amazing with a Scales/Curved Triangles Decorative Wrap.

Fishscales Mahi2

1Fishscales Mahi 2Fishscales Mahi1


Fishscales Mahi3

Fishscales JAson GrahamFishscales Jason Graham1

5Fishscales DAn Canada

6Fishscales Arturo

10Fishscales Rob Crane1 11Fishscales Steve Gibbs

16Fishscales Dan M

8Fishscales Drew1 9Fishscales Drew 2

3Fishscales Gary  7fishscales black orange

13Fishscales Chris Staab

12Fishscales John B

15Fishscales JAson G19Fishscales Chris Staab1

14Fishscales Bob Thomas

17Fishscales Doug completed

Fishscales black and blueIMG_1655


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