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Billy Vivona Custom Rod Prices 2020 – the Base Prices include: Fuji reel seat, EVA grips, Fuji Concept O guides, single color guide wraps, gloss or matte color blanks. Rods are only built on Rodgeeks X-Comps which are designed by Billy, To see what Billy is working on check him out on Facebook  and take a look at an article on BiIly on

Billy’s Decorative Wraps Gallery     Billy’s Decorative Grips Gallery      NEW!! Billy’s Completed Rod Gallery

Any Rodgeeks XC blank $400

(Rods built on non-Rodgeeks blanks will be $350 labor + retail cost of components/shipping)

– Fuji Corrosion Control guides +$25
– Fuji Titanium SIC guides +$100 (conventional/spiral) -$150 (spinning)
– Painted blanks +$15

Guide wraps: +$20 per color;   Underwraps: +$75;    Candy Shaded +$75, plus required Fuji Titanium  upgrade to prevent discoloration/corrosion;
Decorative Wraps – Closed wraps:  6″ $300 (5 hours of labor), +$30 per inch over (Max length 12″).
* Scales +$100
Double patterns are +$600 due to complexity (15 hours of labor)
– Diamond/chevrons: standard 6″ = $125. Longer than 6″ +$15 per inch

Decorative EVA Grips: prices listed on the Decorative Grips link at the top of this page.
Cork +$50 for preformed. Top grade Cork rings are $6 per inch (included labor & materials)

* 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed ** Any artistic work ordered will require a 100% deposit

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