Mystery Ins & Outs Winter 2020

The first NERBs Challenge for 2020 will be “Mystery Wrap of the Season: Shaded Ins & Outs”.

Cost: $20 refundable upon completion of the challenge, paypal
  1. Each builder picks one of the Ins & Outs patterns from my book, Decorative Wraps. You can also use VisualWrap Pattern Pack 3, the Ins & Outs patterns are #3070-3128
  2. The pattern must be shaded, so I will assign three NERBs Shade Packs to use based on what packs you already have, or what you plan to purchase.
I will spend a little time e-mail/inboxing each participant to figure out the colors. The goal here is to use color combos that you wouldn’t normally use, and make a really cool looking rod. If you are planning to build a rod with a Blue theme, I might pick Royal, Green, and Orange packs. YOu choose one of the Ins & Out patterns, and you figure out where to use the colors and how to shade.