Mystery Challenge 2018

Be inspired by the wraps from the prior Mystery challenges:
2013 :
The NERBs 2018 Mystery Challenge. There is a $10 refundable upon completion fee payable to
 To purchase shade packs to use for this challenge (not required) and to see the colors:
 The patterns for this Challenge are selected from 2 resources: my book Decorative Wraps (required):
And The VisualWrap Pattern Downloads (optional):
Rules: Send $10 via Paypal to and include the following information:
– Name and e-mail address
– Book or Pattern Downloads
– Skill level for your wrap: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.
– Select a letter: A or B
– Choose 3 numbers between 1 and 30
(ie: Billy Vivona VWPD Advanced A 1 9 29)
You will receive an e-mail back with your pattern, and the 3 colors to use. You can modify the pattern and add variations to it. You can integrate other patterns into the wrap. The colors can be used however you want within the pattern. If you do not have the specific shade pack color, you can substitute something close, or order the shade pack. Be creative, and have fun with this challenge. It is OK to submit several entries with a new pattern and new colors.