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The NERBs Gatherings offer custom rodbuilders an exciting opportunity to learn more about the craft, receive feedback and inspiration from their peers, check out components and blanks, meet many builders – some of the best builders in the world attend gatherings on a routine basis. To top it off, every gathering features great food and beer.

Admission for 2018-19 gatherings will be $25 (non-refundable unless you cancel 2 days  prior) and includes food/drink – payments  made to via Paypal. *New for 2018 – If you build rods for sale and have never been to a gathering, there is a $100 fee to attend.*  If you’re on the fence about attending, check out the pictures and comments from the April 11, 2015 gathering where builders attended from as far as Kentucky and Canada:

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2018-19 Schedule

September 29 – Beginner’s Gathering – Staten Island, NY
October 6 – Staten Island, NY
October 7 – Twins Workshop with Jason Graham
October 20 – Staten Island, NY
Oct 27 – Miracle League special needs Halloween event
November 3 – Tabernacle, New Jersey
November 10 – Chicago (Limited to 20, sign up for waiting list)
December 15 -The NERBs Christmas Party

February 9 – Grumpy’s Annual Event, Seaside NJ
February 23 & 24 – ICRBE Winston-Salem, NC – The NERBS Booth
March 23 (date may change) – Rodgeeks Event, Albany, NY
April 12-14  Long Distance Weekend, SI NY
May 4 – Fort Myers, Florida – Greek Week
August 8 – Park Falls, Wisconsin – The Cabin workshop

Here are a couple of comments from those who have recently attended gatherings:nerbs-beginner-gatheirn-gfollow-ups

Steve S: Guys, I went to my first NERBs gathering just a couple of months ago (I would be going Saturday were it not for work) and if you are a rod builder at any level or just considering getting started I strongly advise attending an event. I’ve been building my own rods for years and build a very simple product designed for function and not ornate at all’ that being the case I thought a gathering would be of little value to me, I could not have been more wrong. I thought it might be intimidated by the other builders (certainly more skilled then me) but that wasn’t the case, everyone there is more than happy to help and there is plenty to learn so no matter what your level is you might be able to improve your process. These meetings are filled with information, humor and some insanely good food and drink. I regret not being able to attend but if you are free by all means go.

David T: I took a Class at a tackle shop for $125 to learn how to build a pole. I followed up taking another class on Decorative wrap basics for $75.00. Got me started….
Now I’ve attended 4 NERBs Gatherings $20.00 each with plenty of Food. So for $80.00 I’ve learned from Billy: 

  • How to Mount Grips Easier by Grooving Grip.
  • Applying Tip Top Easy with no Mess.
  • Creating and Marking out a decorative wrap without Scratching into the Blank.
  • Wrapping Decorative wraps in Bands of 2 now 4.
  • How to create Custom Grips with EVA.
  • How to do Trim Bands better. 
  • And ate at least $25 worth of food at each event.

Why wouldn’t you Attend?”


2015 (231 total attendees)

2016 (328 attendees)

2017 (325 total attendees)
January 7 – Staten Island, NY (15)
January 28 – Tabernacle, NJ (23)
February 4 – Staten Island, NY (16)
February 11 – Grumpy’s Tackle Seaside, NJ (55)
March 4 – SI (20)
March 25 – Rodgeeks Albany, NY (36) event photos and write ups
April 1 – Grumpy’s Wraps Workshop Seaside, NJ (8 filled)
April 15 – Manasquan, NJ – Garone’s Custom Rods welcomes The NERBS (15 Filled)
April 21-23 – Staten Island, NY Long Distance Weekend (30 filled)
August 10 – Minoqua, Wisconsin – (12)
September 20 – Grumpy’s Tackle Seaside, NJ. Monthly Wraps Workshop: (9)
October 7- Staten Island, NY (20)
October 20, 21 – Albany, NY > (25)
November 4 – Staten Island, NY (21)
November 11 – Chicago, Illinois > (20)

January 6 – Staten Island, NY (26 attended)
January 27 – Staten Island, NY (33 attended)
February 3 – Grumpy’s Tackle Seaside, NJ (48 attended)
February 24 – ICRBE Winston Salem NERBs Booth (AWESOME EVENT!)
March 3 – Staten Island, NY (FILLED  20)
March 10 – Staten Island, NY BEGINNERS OPEN
March 24th – SI, NY – OPEN limit 20
April 14-15 –  Long Distance Weekend,SI NY (FILLED 30+ as of March 2)


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