Fall 2017 – The Mike Joyce Challenge

  The NERBs Mike Joyce Challenge, Fall 2017.
Mike & I started The NERBs in 2004, this challenge is to honor him for what he did for The Art. He passed away in July. The challenge is to look at Mike’s patterns and do a wrap pattern after his style. See his unique usage of threads going in the “wrong” direction? Look at the background of the patterns he wrapped, see how he threw colors and threads in to create patterns within patterns? He gave each wrap a unique look that made it distinctly his.
I do not want you to copy one of his wraps thread for thread, copy is not what THE NERBs is about. Take what he did, incorporate it into your own variation, style, theme – make it your own. Grow the craft, inspire others by being unique. Step up and take the challenge, don’t wait and push it off, get off your asses and DO SOMETHING.

Here is an album which contains some of Mike Joyce’s art, you can see his various styles and creativity: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1672059996172556&type=3

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