Mystery Challenge Fall 2015

Mark BErry Mark BErry2 Mark BErry3

shane white Trent Christianson Percy

Steve Maillakakis Doug Kidd shane white2

Billy V Mark BErry4 MArk FIsher

SONY DSC Doug Kidd2

Trent Christianson2b Trent2 Skip D

Doug Kidd2 Doug Kidd3 Doug Kidd4

 DOn Camo1  Mark Berry5

MAry Christy Matt CarrollNat Brockett1

Chris confer Matt Carroll2 Nat Brockett2

Chase Frederick Ed H

The NERBs will be hosting another Mystery Challenge for the Fall of 2015, deadline is Thanksgiving. To purchase shade packs to use for this challenge (not required) and to see the colors:

Rules: Each builder selects 3 choices and e-mall them to (ie: Novice B; 9, 14, 22):

  1. Pick what skill level for your wrap: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.
  2. Select a letter: A, B, or C
  3. Choose 3 numbers between 1 and 23

You will receive an e-mail back with your pattern, and the 3 colors to use. You can modify the pattern and add variations to it.You can integrate other patterns into the wrap. The colors can be used however you want within the pattern. Be creative, and have fun with this challenge. It is OK to submit several entries with a new pattern and new colors.

The patterns for this Challenge are from Decorative Wraps book (required):

  • Novice patterns = Spider (pages 22 & 41);  6 Diamonds (33); Fish (76)
  • Intermediate = Pointed Star (52), Circle Interrupted (68) , St Johns with Knobs (49)
  • Advanced = Crest (59); Out+ Out- (62); Pinwheel Variations (57)

Be inspired by the wraps from the first Mystery Challenge in 2013 :


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