Summer 2015 – Snowflakes

  The NERBs 2015 Summertime Snowflake Challenge 

The coolest pattern in my book Decorative Wraps (page 28), The Snowflake seems to be the “hot wrap”. What better way to stay motivated wrapping through the summer than a NERBs wraps challenge? My challenges are unique, you don’t win anything, you just challenge yourself & try something new in the Snowflake style (you can do the Hidden Star, Maze page 29, a Sparkler and add some Snowflaking to it)
I’d like to thank each NERB that entered this contest, 44 builders stepped up and submitted a wrap

 Billy Vivona Bryan McCutcheon Chris Clausen2 Chris licht chris short Chris Taylor2 Chris TOpher Confer Derek King DJ KOloski Don Camo Doug Kidd1 Doug Kidd2 Doug Kidd3 Ed KArwacki Fred y Fred y1 Fred y2 Greg HEadley JAck Ontario JAn Mikula MArco PArrino MArk Berry1a MArk Fisher1 MAtthew Hammond MAtthew Hammond2 Mike Smirich1 Milt DeReyna Milt DeReyna2 NAthaniel Brockett NAthaniel Brockett3a Obie Hill Pedro Lopez Pedro Lopez1 Percy Priscilla Scott Kleppe1 Shane White Shane White2 Skip Donahue1 steve Mal1 TK Wadell TK Wadell2 Trent ChristiansonDave Terry1

Chris ClausenWes2

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