BC Style inlays

These were all made using the Bernie Cohen style of grip inlay. Pieces traced and cut out individually, then glued together like a jigsaw puzzle. The outline of the image is then traced and dug out of the mian  grip, and inlayed. extremely tedious and time consuming, but these are some of the best inlays  I’ve done. I no longer make inlays using this method, but these are here to honor Bernie

1Buttgrip solo1   2Foregrip   gay dating halifax save the date birthday senior 50 over dating sites 6Bart_Inlay

7inlay Bass in Grip 8Project Tog grip 9inlay Sturgeon

11inlay PAul R Bernie10inlay Striped Bass

12Striper strip 13rod - Copy

14inlay KOQ 15inlay Snoopy dancing16inlay Snoopy 17inlay Butterfly 18inlay Butterfly rod 19inlay butterfly2 22Inlay Rangersinlay clover   20inlay set 

21inlay Horse Inlay1   22inlay Doc in Grip

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